There are many things a home owner needs to think about when getting ready to put their home on the market. Remember, you have to live there. It isn’t about the home not looking lived in. It’s about playing up the home’s best features and allowing a potential buyer see themselves living in the home. Below are a few things sellers can do to get ready to list!

  1. De-personalize: photos, collections, memorabilia
  2. De-clutter: closets, cabinets, floor space, garage
  3. Accessories: pare down accessories on tables, dressers, walls, etc.
  4. Organize: cubbies, baskets, boxes
  5. Paint: freshen up and neutralize!
  6. Paperwork: appliance manuals, utility bill analysis, title insurance, flood insurance
    policy, warranties, upgrades, maintenance records
  7. Furniture: spaciousness matters
  8. Valuables: lock jewelry, medications, guns, and other valuables away
  9. First Impression: clear and clean the front entrance, introduce color with plants
  10. Yard Spruce up: plantings, mulch, windows, power wash
  11. Let There Be Light: make sure ALL light bulbs work
  12. Repairs: check for leaky faucets, squeaky doors, grout, running toilets, wall cracks, etc.
  13. Clean: It sounds like a no-brainer. It’s not! Buyers are apt to look much more
    closely than the current home owner.

Contact me for more details on the list above. As a former interior designer, staging is one of my favorite parts of this job. I am available to help!

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