Throughout the many interior design and staging courses I have taken, I have been taught that color can be a major influence of mood and action. From what I have learned, color should be an Instagram Influencer!  Color can make or break a home, business, or well, anything. I painted my bedroom bright yellow way back in the mid-nineties…didn’t sleep a wink for all of the months it stayed yellow.

Many restaurants choose their decor color scheme based on color psychology. Red? The colors red, yellow, and orange are associated with eating more. Red is associated with passion and activity. Many fast food restaurants will use these colors to try to subliminally influence their clientele. The yellow and orange are thought to encourage patrons to eat a lot. Red is thought to encourage patrons to eat and get out…a big aspect of the fast food industry model….serve as many as possible in the least amount of time. Even high end restaurants use color to influence their customers. Some will use color to soothe their clientele into staying as long as possible in order for them to eat or drink more. They create a relaxed atmosphere which in turn influences the customer to stay a bit longer and have another drink or dessert.

How does this transfer to the home kitchen? White kitchens are a staple in the design world. I, personally, have a white kitchen in my home in Surf City, North Carolina. When I lived in Hampstead, North Carolina, I had espresso stained cabinets. With the innovation in cabinetry design and color, we no longer have to choose between white and stained wood. Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year was Classic Blue. Their 2021 Color of the Year is Al Aqua. Many cabinet companies have adapted to this expanded variety of choices. Whether white or stained, why not use cabinets accented with a Classic Blue-type Pantone color or a Al Aqua-type Pantone color on your island cabinet, wine bar, or side cabinet? Add glass cabinet doors for texture, staggered height cabinets to please the eye,  in addition to tiled back splashes, quartz or granite counters, and unique lighting, and you have a “wow kitchen”!

Many think, “Cabinets are a forever choice.” No, they aren’t, not when specialty colors are used on accent cabinets. So you don’t want to commit to a kitchen full of cabinets in Benjamin Moore’s Dress Blues? Totally agree and understand. A little accent color makes it less financially cumbersome yet allows you to venture into a color fun zone!

I know we started out with the kitchen. However, a furniture-style cabinet in the powder room or master bath can create a punch that makes the home say, “This home is so you”! Living in coastal North Carolina gives us so many design choices. Traditional, coastal, bungalow, low country, I could continue forever. My business is named Live Where You Love for a reason! Your home should never reveal the interior designer just by its look. That is a pet-peeve of mine. A good designer should make the home reflect you. Staging for selling your home? That is a different issue…and a previous post!:) Live Where You Love!!!

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