Can You Purchase Real Estate Virtually?


  • Tele-Conferencing/Virtual Conferencing: Whether by phone or computer, we will schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and develop a plan to meet those needs.
  • Real Estate Search: We will set up an online search customized to your needs. Listings that meet your criteria will be emailed to you as soon as they become available as well as if the price changes.
  • Virtual Walk Throughs: In addition to  emailing you any virtual tours the listing agent provides, we can do a virtual walk through so you can get a more personal feel of the homes that meet your criteria and appeal to you for possible purchase.
  • Digital Paperwork: All documents that can be signed digitally will be emailed to you. This includes the Buyer’s Agency Agreement as well as others such as the Professional Services Disclosure and first and foremost the Working with Real Estate Agents brochure. Even the Offer to Purchase can be signed electronically once you have settled on a property. A written explanation will be included as well as a conversation by phone or virtual conferencing to ensure all documents are understood.
  • Money Issues: We will pick up and deliver any monies such as the Earnest Money Deposit and Due Diligence Fee.
  • Inspections: We will coordinate the inspections that will be needed. The inspectors will email the report to both you and Live Where You Love Realty. We will discuss the report via telephone or  virtual conferencing and determine any due diligence requests.
  • Settlement: We will schedule the settlement with your attorney as well as a notary to meet with you at your home to sign any closing documents that cannot be signed digitally. The notary will deliver the documents to the closing attorney or to Live Where You Love Realty and we will then deliver them to the attorney. Your attorney and lender will explain how the funds for your purchase will be delivered.
  • Closing: The attorney will record the deed with the Register of Deeds.
  • Your New Home: We will deliver the keys and you are ready to enjoy your new home!

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